Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Evaluation survey

An evaluation survey for the April Staff Development Conference is now open. Your feedback is very important and the organising committee would appreciate you taking 10 minutes of your time to fill it out.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Conference registration, programme and abstracts

Well the first day went by in a buzz of energy. There was some good feedback about the Keynote and panel sessions and certainly the Keynote and panel I was involved with (Bronh) - Effective use of Technology - was very entertaining, the speakers and audience had some excellent interaction. Millie the nursing simulator kept us entertained with her realistic breathing and other life sounds. :)

Final Conference Programme and Final list of Abstracts. Notices further on.

Leigh said this about the Teaching and Learning Panel and has provided some recordings: I very much enjoyed listening to the others in the panel.
  1. Its great to see Ruth Lawson being so confident in her description of using Wikibooks to produce a text for Anatomy and Physiology of Animals. (MP3 2.8 Meg)
  2. I went next with the usual talk about open educational resources. (MP3 2.8 Meg)
  3. It was very exciting to see what Jean Ross has developed for the Ministry of Health by way of gathering Masters level work to produce a text for rural nursing in New Zealand, especially when Jean showed interest in taking it to the next level and developing a wikibook version with new additions (not in recording). (Mp3 2.8 Meg)
  4. Most of all I found Russell Butson's talk riveting! Russell covered an important range of issues and I hope to score his slides soon too. He spoke about the tension between educational rhetoric and practice regarding "learner centredness", "self directed and life long learning skills" and the age old didactic and prescriptive teaching practices. He articulates it much better than I can here, so I highly recommend listening to his talk. (MP3 3.6 Meg)
Notices follow ......
Wednesday lunchtime physical activities: These will start at 12.10 and go for approximately 30 minutes. Options are:
1. Cardiovascular - walk, jog or run options.
2. Mid-section tone exercises - G202 (changed from G205);
3. Stretch exercises - G201.
The sessions will be led by staff and students from the Institute of Sports and Adventure.

They are hoping for a bigger turnout on Wednesday....come on folks give it a go ...pounding the turf or stretching or toning (it was great and it hurt) for 45 minutes beats sitting on a computer.
For cardiovascular options - assemble at the Student Centre outside the front entrance ready for departure at 12.10.

To register for sessions -
please add your name to lists on the venue doors. Registration is advised as some sessions have number limits - no further registrations will be taken if number limits are reached.

To obtain a Certificate of Attendance - make sure you tick your name off the list outside the venue or add yourself.

These are in the form of morning and afternoon tea, and paper bag lunches and can be collected from the Forth Street staffroom. Wednesday 22 April 12.00-13.30 - there will be a barbecue at the L-Block Living Campus - first come first served.

End of conference drinks and nibbles will be available in Forth Street staffroom from 16.30.

Download a pdf of the conference flyer.

Staff talks - Expanding Horizons

We had 4 staff talk today about their online teaching practices, looking specifically at examples:

  1. Terry Marler - Managing learning management systems
  2. William Lucus - Blogs are for blokes http://on-line-presence.blogspot.com
  3. Hillary Jenkins - Blogs and wikis in the tourism courses http://wikieducator.org/Travel and Tourism
  4. Carolyn McIntosh - Moodle midwifery http://moodle.op.ac.nz
All audio recordings are available at the Internet Archive for listening and downloading.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Moderating Assessment (May)

Two meetings – one focusing on pre-assessment moderation of tasks and the other focusing on the post-assessment moderation of judgements – provide experience in and discussion of sound moderation processes. A follow-on administration and systems task will also be required.

Date: Thursdays 7 May and 21 May
Time: 4.00pm-6.00pm
Venue: TBA

Contact EDCenquiries@tekotago.ac.nz to enrol.