Friday, December 4, 2009

Events Coming Up

For further information about each event, scroll down the page.

EDC Lunchtime presentations will be offered regularly during Semester Two. For dates, topics, and presenters see separate entry below.


Sarah Stewart said...

hi there, hope you dont mind some feedback about the blog. Can I suggest you link your notices about the courses to information about the courses. I have been looking for info about the online development course but cannot find it here on the blog. cheers Sarah

EDC said...

Hi Sarah
Thanks for your feedback. Definitely appreciate any feedback offered.
I was a little confused as to the online development course you are referring to. Is it offered through EDC or is it an external course? - this blog only covers courses offered or managed through EDC.
As we are still developing this blog as an info source it may be a case of not all EDC lecturers having supplied the relevant info yet. Bear with us.
thanks again
Heather for EDC