Thursday, March 19, 2009

Invitation to present at the April Staff Development conference

Tuesday and Wednesday
21st & 22nd April
The full range of topics for the conference is yet to be determined, however, there will be four streams:

1. sustainability;
2. teaching and learning,
3. effective use of technology;
4. self-care.

Program being developed below...

If you are able to contribute to one of these streams, we would be most appreciative. Please use the submission form to send in information about your presentation and return it to Catherine Lindsay: by 27 March 2009.
The Conference will run from 8.30 to 4.30 approximately each day. There will be sessions such as:
1. Presentations (50 minutes);
2. Workshops ( half day - 2-3 hrs), full day (6 hrs);
3. Swap Shop Discussions.
4. Other - your suggestions welcome.

Invited speakers and panels are also being organised for the first day. You can expect there to be something of interest for everyone. This SD Conference will also encompass the following on-site events:
*Art and Design - 3-day Conference (has reached capacity now registrations have closed);
*Treaty of Waitangi - 2-day Workshop (must pre-enrol with EDC)
*Numeracy cluster - 2-day workshop - (contact Marc Doesburg) (Day 1 - 1000-1600; Day 2 - 0900-1500);
Enquiries to: Bronwyn Hegarty, EDC: ext 8360 or 021 435738
Catherine Lindsay: ext 8252

Looking forward to seeing you.