Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Training Session - Google Documents

A training session was held with a very enthusiastic group of administrators on 20 May 2010. There was a lot of interest in using Google Documents to save administration time, e.g., for meeting minutes and collaborative work - no need to send out multiple versions of documents. The full overview of the session can be viewed in the Training session Google doc. It is good to know that all file types are supported.

Good reasons for using Google Documents
The video - Google Documents in Plain English - outlines some good reasons for using the web-based programme.

In brief, some good reasons for using Google Documents are:
  1. to save time - e.g., no need to send out multiple copies of documents and coordinate the editing process;
  2. collaboration - several people can work on a document together, e.g., reports - use the share file facility;
  3. meeting minutes - easily viewed by the group and additions or changes made with a click;
  4. documents can be published as a web page for easy viewing - automatically update when changes are made.
To get started
Go to Google Documents at: https://docs.google.com
You will need to login in to set up a document.

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