Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Composing Educational Resources (August) cancelled

Composing Educational Resources is an elective within the Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching Level 7 (GCTLT).

Course dates: August 31 to November 27

For some, composing educational resources has come a long way from a black board, borrowing books from a libary, photocopying or creating overhead projection transparencies. Anyone who has had more than a superficial relationship with the Internet knows there are more educational resources close at hand than ever before! In most areas including "developed regions" however, accessing and knowing how to use the Internet effectively is a real challenge.

The questions in this course are:
  1. How can we more effectively find resources that are free for reuse?
  2. How can we efficiently manage all the resources that we find?
  3. How can we compose educational resources that are accessible and reusable?

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